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Ukrainian translations

Our translation service has been providing translations into and from Ukrainian of all types since 1995. Organizationally, our Ukrainian department belongs to the Alexxtec translation agency. In 2022 this department was significantly enlarged and now has its own website.

We have been providing translations for end customers in Ukraine since 1995, partly in Ukrainian, partly in Russian, but only in 2022 these translations get a new life. Ukrainian translations have increased significantly with us as of March 2022 and the war is to blame.

Translations from German to Ukrainian and English to Ukrainian, as well as from Ukrainian to German and English, have been part of our services since the establishment of our translation agency. Even though a few years ago many end-users in Ukraine preferred their technical and other documentation in Russian, we have always provided translations in Ukrainian to many companies. In recent years, the number of translations into Ukrainian has been steadily increasing, and from 2022, the official language Ukrainian will probably finally replace Russian from public life. 

Important for clients: we translate into Ukrainian directly, without intermediaries. This means a lower price and short communication channels for you.

Technical translations into Ukrainian

Technical translations into Ukrainian are performed by our certified translators with good technical knowledge. Of course, all our employees are native speakers and experienced professionals with the professional experience of 10 to 20 years of working as technical translators. At the same time they are usually native speakers of Russian, as almost every Ukrainian. Both languages are understood and spoken in Ukraine.

Among our projects are translations of operating manuals of woodworking equipment such as power equipment, burners, dryers, weight per unit area measuring equipment, as well as hydraulic equipment, extruders, pumps, presses. Software localization of machines and equipment is also part of our services.

Medical translations Ukrainian

We provide more and more medical translations in Ukrainian language from 2022. Among our clients is the German Federal Ministry of Health. Commissioned by the Ministry, we also translated various documents for other institutions, such as the RKI (Robert Koch Institute).

Translations for Ukrainian refugees in Germany

As of March 2022, we are intensively engaged in translations for Ukrainian refugees in Germany. We translate information brochures and websites on topics such as integration, health, education, childcare, labor market, training. Our clients are federal authorities as well as cities and municipalities such as Leverkusen, Oberhausen, Düsseldorf, Wuppertal. The head of the office in Wuppertal is used personally as an interpreter.

Specialization in languages and fields

Specialization is one of our strengths. With a large number of employed as well as freelance translators, we can afford to use only certain specialists in their favorite subjects, in which they are particularly well versed. This means that in our translation agency, the same translators do not translate operating manuals for mechanical engineering, sales contracts and safety data sheets of chemical products. That is already done by three different people.

All translations are performed using CAT tools, usually SDL Trados. Each translation is proofread by a proofreader in our office, at no extra charge. 

Our translations - inexpensive, competent, individual

We rely on lean structures and a professional, customer-oriented approach. In this way, we are able to guarantee you a high degree of flexibility and absolute reliability with regard to translations into Ukrainian and other translation services. Our customers have always appreciated our competent approach and our adherence to deadlines. If you need German-Ukrainian or English-Ukrainian translations or other first-class translation services, we will be happy to set up appropriate capacities for you. 

Commercial and private customers alike benefit from numerous advantages when using our range of products and services. From certified translations for documents, identification papers, driver's licenses or other specific documents to contracts and creative texts and letters, our service is extremely comprehensive. Official documents in particular require absolute precision. And so our quality-conscious customers know that they are always in the best hands with us. 

If you have any questions about Ukrainian translation, our project managers are always there for you. Send your request by e-mail, the offer will come quickly.

Even more information about completed projects, among others in other language directions: our references

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